Rural Farming In Ghana.

Farm for Livelihood Association is a co-operative that started with the aim of of providing business and agricultural skills and a sustainable employment for the rural communities in Ghana, helping support disabled people in agriculture and also providing school funds for children who would otherwise not be able to attend school or continue their education.

Our mission is to create an enabling environment for people to live a comfortable lives and help contribute to the development of their communities and country

The Challenge:

Physically and Mentally challenged people in Ghana are often out casts in society. They are not considered part of their communities, which aids in a further challenge to find work hence we find them on the streets in the cities begging for arlms for survival. Similarly, many children in communities in Ghana are unable to afford the necessary expenses associated with school such as books, uniforms, pens and papers etc. Unfortunately, if a family has money to send one child to school a son will be sent while the daughter is expected to stay home. Youth unemployment, school dropout and teenage pregnancy is a challenge in Ghana..

The Solution:

Participation in the Farm for Livelihood Association activities, allows the disabled to be recognized as active and contributing members to the development of their communities. Additionally, the disabled generate an income through their work on the farm. Students, male and females who are part of the project work on the farm after school, weekends and holidays. In exchange for the students' help, their school fees and materials are supplied. Our key purpose is help people stay to develop themselves, their community and country.

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